Corrosion Resistance

Ref: MDG41 –

”The operating environment should be identified to allow the degree of corrosion resistance to be selected. For a low corrosive environment, all steel hose ends and hose adaptors should achieve a minimum of 72 hours (red rust) when subjected to a salt spray test in accordance with ASTM B117 or ISO 9227. For some more corrosive atmosphere it may be necessary to specify in the range of 200 up to 1000 hours of resistance.”

Additional corrosion resistance may be required for specific applications.

All Gates hose fittings, distributed by Hardy Spicer, are supplied with Gates’ unique TuffCoat™ plating.

TuffCoat™ provides 400 hours of red rust corrosion protection when subjected to the rigorous SAE-J516 and ASTM B117 salt spray testing regimes. This standard is double the MDG41 requirement.

Gates TuffCoat™ also has the added benefit of being manufactured without Hexavalent Chromium being involved in the plating process. Hexavalent Chromium, which is in wide use
in industrial plating, has been found to be toxic to the environment. The Gates product is shown in the image second from the left against competitors in a salt spray test.