Temperature Rating

Ref: MDG41 –

“Hose assemblies should be selected such that both the fluid and ambient temperatures do not exceed the temperature rating of the hose assembly. Hose assemblies near external heat sources (e.g. exhaust manifolds, turbo chargers) should be adequately shielded or covered with heat-resistant sheathing or re-routed to prevent the hose assembly coming into contact with the hot surface. Refer ISO 13732-1 for guidance on guarding, sheathing.”

For high-pressure hydraulic applications where pressure or temperature requirements exceed SAE 100R2/EN 853, G2XH is the perfect solution. This two-wire braid hose has a 2,500 to 6,000 psi operating pressure and interior black tube that is specifically compounded for temperature and chemical resistance. G2XH will handle petroleum-base fluids from -40° C to +149° C, and phosphate ester fluids within a range of -40° C to +100° C.

The new M4KH hose is ideal for high-pressure hydraulic applications. Meeting the new SAE100R19 standard, it has a 4,000 psi operating pressure that has been tested to 600,000 impulse cycles, and can be used for temperatures ranging from -40° C to +121° C. Constructed of two braids of high-tensile steel wire, M4KH meets U.S. MSHA 2G flame resistant requirements. M4KH is also available with abrasion resistant MegaTuff® cover. M4KH hose also has the added benefit of extremely tight bend radius at ½ the bend radius requirements of SAE100R1 and SAE100R2 equivalents.

Use M3KH on high-pressure hydraulic oil lines with temperatures ranging -40° C to +121° C. This hose is reinforced with one or two braids of high-tensile steel wire. It has a 3,000 psi operating pressure in all sizes and meets SAE 100R17 and EN 857 1SC performance requirements. The M3KH hose has smaller exterior dimensions and significantly tighter bend radius than other SAE 100R1 and 100R2 hose. M3KH high-temperature hose is also available with abrasion-resistant MegaTuff® cover.

It is important to note that all Gates High Temperature hoses are rated for CONSTANT operation at the temperatures quoted. This is a critical point as many competitive hoses are rated to high temperatures for INTERMITTENT use only. Some manufacturers will also downgrade a hose’s maximum working pressure when high temperatures are applied.

By selecting one of Gates specialist High Temperature hoses you can be sure that the hose will perform at the maximum temperature and pressures stated.

In addition to the high temperature hose range, Hardy Spicer also distributes the range of Gates HeatGuard™ protective sheathing which is a completely non-asbestos, heat resistant, protective sleeving. Its special silicone coating can also withstand a broad range of solvents and fuels. It goes on easily over most hose and couplings, with only hose clamps or wire ties required for fastening.