Matched System

Ref: MDG41 – 1.5.14

“A matched hose assembly is where the hose and fittings (insert/ferrule) are designed, manufactured and routinely tested to match up to a particular manufacturer’s hose type. In this case both (hose and fitting) are assembled and crimped using the methods as specified by the designer, meet the tolerance specified by the designer and have been tested as a hose assembly, at the maximum tolerance, to the specified standards.”

The practise of using hose and fittings manufactured by differing suppliers is often defended by a statement along the lines of “all hoses are made to a standard, so therefore fittings from one manufacturer will suit a hose from another manufacturer”. While it is true that a large proportion of hydraulic hoses are manufactured to recognised SAE, ISO or EN standards, the reality is that the standards themselves are very loose and subsequently there is a wide variance in the quality of hose products produced under these standards.

Taking into account the wide tolerances allowed under the international standards it is easy to imagine a situation where a hose is manufactured by Supplier X to “top” tolerance dimensionally being assembled with a fittings manufactured by Supplier Y to “bottom” tolerance. In such a scenario the chances of optimum fitting retention are slim and the likely outcome is premature hose assembly failure. Reversing the manufacturing tolerances would see an outcome where a fitting is very tight inside the hose which would, again, result in likely premature failure due to damage to the hose tube or through excessive distortion of the hose fitting during the swaging process.

Hardy Spicer recommends that our customer only use hose and fittings that have been designed and manufactured by the same supplier. By doing this the manufacturer ensures that all components of a hose assembly are meant to work together as a system.

By stocking and distributing the Gates hydraulic hose and fittings range, Hardy Spicer guarantees that we provide our customers with a system that is matched. Gates technical staff design all parts of a hose assembly, including the hose, the fittings and the crimping process, to the highest standards which results in finished hose assemblies that are second to none.