Hose Energy Diffusion Devices

Ref: MDG41 –

“A hose energy diffusion device should be considered for hoses where there is high potential harm to people in the event of a hose failure, refer 3.4.9. The hose energy diffusion device should be able to diffuse the energy in the oil, if the hose blows, to a level where fluid injection will not occur. Where a burst suppression sleeve type device is used the sleeve should be manufactured from high abrasion, ozone, heat resistant material and should be suitably attached. For underground coal mines this sleeve should have a fire resistant cover”.

Gates has engineered the first sleeving system specifically designed to protect operators, equipment and the environment from the hazards of catastrophic hydraulic hose failure – a level of protection previously unavailable.

The LifeGuard™ line-of-sight sleeving system (patent pending) is an effective, economical alternative to costly metal shielding or re-routing of hose lines. And,
it does not affect system performance.

  • Provides containment of up to 6,000 psi bursts.
  • Protects against 3,000 psi pinhole leaks at 100°C for up to five minutes.
  • Handles hydraulic fluids and biodiesel fuel.
  • Allows fluid to safely escape down the length of the assembly.
  • Creates noticeable spill for hose failure detection.
  • Meets MSHA’s flame resistance requirements.
  • No other sleeve provides this level of protection.
  • Patent pending system includes Gates hose, couplings, sleeve and channel clamps.

The key to the unmatched protection provided by the LifeGuard™ sleeve is a double-layer of super-strong nylon material. Separate from one another, the two layers are able to slide and move independently to control hydraulic failures.

The inner layer is a specially designed, engineered and manufactured material. It is made of tightly woven filament nylon. This is the strength-bearing material of the LifeGuard™ sleeve which controls the sudden pressure release of hydraulic bursts and pinhole leaks.

The outer layer of LifeGuard™ sleeving is a textured nylon material that further helps to contain escaped fluids and direct them to the ends of the hose for release. It also resists abrasion and other external hazards.

The second part of the LifeGuard™ system is the Channel Clamps that have been designed specifically for the LifeGuard™ sleeve, these unique clamps securely fastens the sleeve at each end
of the hose. In the event of hose failure, the escaping fluids are allowed to safely seep out the ends of the hose via two channels on opposite sides of the clamp. Fluids pool under the clamp locations to provide a visual sign that a failure has occurred.

Click here to view the LifeGuard™ video demonstration clip. (10.2MB)